As a successful company, we are happy to do our part to make our social interaction work a little better.


Out of gratitude, and also out of responsibility.

We are committed to enabling people from our region to follow their passions and hobbies, for example; also because less and less is being invested in art, culture, sports and social issues.


We are very happy to support various charitable institutions in our region, including the Willicher Tafel and a children's hospice. We also sponsor sports, in particular by advertising the jerseys of various youth teams. But money alone does not bring happiness.


We are particularly happy about our cooperation with the Rupert Neudeck Comprehensive School in St. Tönis. Here, we particularly support the social engagement and intercultural learning projects. Here, the young people experience for themselves how important social cohesion and commitment to others are; whether during a school visit to Ghana, working with elderly people here on site, or in youth work.


Many of our employees have a personal connection to the major sports club SC St.Tönis and its predecessor, the DJK Teutonia St.Tönis. Here, we not only act as the main sponsor, but also organize a job training fair with our partners, for example. In order to open up prospects for young people from the region, and to maintain precisely these prospects for our companies.


It helps both. The young person who is looking for a school or the workplace, as well as the company, which wants to train motivated and productive employees for the upcoming developments.