Our mission statement:
We care!

Our mission statement is: made by ourselves, and made for ourselves!


And the more the mission statement is operational reality of KSI Filtertechnik, the more radiance emanates from it.


The context

For KSI Filtertechnik, the third decade had just begun, and numerous challenges awaited, both within the company and on the market. Therefore, it was time to analyze the grown family business as well as the internal and external processes and to realign the company by means of various, coordinated measures and to actively make it fit for the future.

For this purpose, the “future workshop KSI” was formed as an ideal bracket for the considerations and tasks. One of the central measures of this “future workshop” should be the first development of a corporate mission statement. The challenge: On the one hand, the mission statement should reflect the existing corporate culture, and on the other hand, it should align the company, its employees and their actions in the direction of the jointly defined goals. In addition, the corporate mission statement will become part of the certification according to EN ISO 9001 : 2015.

This corporate mission statement is hereby presented. All colleagues at the Willich site participated in this: the managers in the strategy meetings, and the employees in group workshops. The process was organized by corporate communications department. The mission statement was also written down here.

KSI Filtertechnik – Why are we here?

We, KSI Filtertechnik GmbH, develop, design and manufacture intelligent products and system solutions for compressed air filter technology, adsorption technology and condensate technology. We have always been a little “more” than just a company from the Lower Rhine region, which offers high-quality products “Made in Germany” and strives for economic success.

We exist because we provide services of excellent quality, with full commitment and at fair conditions. We attach particular importance to a good, positive and trusting relationship with each other, here in our company and in our relationship with our business partners.

We stand for quality.

The demands on ourselves and our services are high. This applies to “Made in Germany” at our headquarters in Willich as well as at our subsidiaries abroad. The quality promise applies to production and assembly as well as to our technical support, national trade and export, documentation and warehousing.

We secure our future.

Our actions are market-oriented. We achieve this by remaining innovative. In doing so, we operate sustainably, conserve resources and build up our own by investing in the training of our junior staff and the further education of our employees.

We are free, and we are there for each other.

Our owner-managed family business is independent. We set our own course. With clear structures, flat hierarchies, short communication and decision-making channels. Our freedom also lies in our business relationships with our partners: no purchase obligations, no exclusivity agreements, no fixed or long-term supply contracts.

We are helpful, friendly, flexible.

It applies to the inner workings of our company as well as to our relationships with specialist dealers, service companies and suppliers: We are friendly, and we are helpful. These qualities are important to us, and not just for the sake of maximizing profits. Rather, it is our character.

We are fair, down-to-earth, credible.

Honesty is a cornerstone of our business and our partnership. This honesty is also the breeding ground for our credibility and reliability. We keep our agreements and fulfil our contracts.

We act in a customer-friendly and respectful manner.

For us and our business relationships, cooperation and partnership are not empty words. Rather, we work on a daily basis to personally and extensively support the specialist dealers and service companies. We welcome criticism and suggestions from our customers. We are true to our “no end customer business” principle.

We love diversity.

Our company employs women and men, small and large as well as young and older people, colleagues of different skin colours, nationalities and religions. We want and need this diversity, the differences, the youthful energy and the experience of the elderly. It’s all in the mix.

We think and work internationally.

Our international orientation is reflected in many ways. For example, we have our own subsidiaries in England, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Kosovo. But it is also evident in our international supplier network and in our worldwide customer relationships.