Our story

From a garage start-up to a medium-sized industrial company, and all this in only 25 years!


Ongoing internationalization, certifications, new products, ... there is movement here!



The next big step takes KSI "across the pond": KSI Technologies Canada Corp. is being established in Cambridge near Toronto/Ontario. The entire North American continent is to be served from this location.


KSI Filtertechnik looks back on a storybook career on the occasion of its 25th anniversary in March 2021. "Day after day, it is very amazing what we have built up here with our combined forces," describes founder and managing director Holger Krebs. "We can justifiably say that we have held our own well in the market as an owner-managed family business."


Proud jubilarian: Holger Krebs with his wife Heike and sons Mirko (right) and Lukas.


KSI establishes a new mainstay: Besides the subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, in England and in the Netherland there is the new „KSI LLC“ in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. Managing director Holger Krebs and Bekim Gashi announce this in Pristina.



More than 300 customers from a lot of different countries, many partners, colleagues and family members come to the first open days and the Oktoberfest in Willich and make it a memorable day in company history. A wide variety of things have contributed to the success of the day. The guests, for sure, who all provided entertaining and exciting discussions. Also the varied program, from training in the new KSI Training Center up to the children’s program with can throwing, bouncy castle and sweets station, as well as Oktoberfest-Gaudi later on with live music, assured great entertainment for more than 300 visitors. Also Willichs mayor Josef Heyes came to take the impression of the KSI Filtertechnik.



The KSI begins a new chapter in company history: 18 years after the foundation the KSI moves from Niederkrüchten to Willich. The manufacturing as well as the sales department benefit from the new circumstances, i.e. from much more office space (2000m²) and much more space for storage, manufacturing and the training center (3000m²). Also the care of the customer relationships and the company life benefit from the location great conditions.

An exciting number: 4000 (!) moving boxes were packed and unpacked again.




The three European subsidiaries and the sales offices in China, India, Russia and Kenia are followed by a new mainstay in South East Asia. The sales office „Asian Pacific“ in Hongkong opens up the markets of Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia.

The home on Siemensring in Willich



The KSI family welcomes a new member: In Alkmaar in the west of the Netherlands the KSI Benelux B.V is established. This subsidiary company opens up the markets of Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.



With their latest adsorption dryers the KSI is entering the high-end range: The models ECOTROC ATW-V/VG operate completely free of purge air, and on a low temperature based on vacuum technology. This means: high-quality features and reliability at low operating costs. The ECOTRO ATW-V/VG are used in sensitive areas such as in semiconductor production and in the pharmaceutical and food industries.


For the use in high pressure applications the KSI developed the adsorption dryers ECOTROC AT-HP. Perfected with high-pressure components of the best industrial equipment quality, a system solution of exemplary safety and compactness is created with the special price-performance ratio typical for KSI. These ECOTROC AT-HP are as well used in the processing of helium.




The new customizing becomes another good example for the KSI standing very close to customers needs. The ECOCLEAN filters are now available in any RAL colour. Furthermore filters and filter elements can be labelled individually, with a logo and/or customer numbers (private labeling).



The KSI gains a new, fresh booster: This time it is not a personal reinforcement but an orange coloured dot. This dot belongs to the „i“ in KSI, and will in future be a vivid part of the corporate identity. The new logo, the new exhibition stand, the company newsletter, the web page, … all these are marked by the new, fresh and orange coloured dot.

Color reinforcement for the appearance: the orange dot



KSI and ProAir organize acht training sessions all over Germany with a total of 125 participating companies. The topics are measurement technology and analysis as well as medical compressed air purification and adsorption drying.



This is going to be a very special summer party. 40 persons, the staff of the whole company, goe to Rymanov in Czech Republic to visit the colleagues there and to do some sightseeing.



The new web page is online: www.ksi.eu. The URL is quite short, easy to remember, and carries the european and international orientation in ist name.



Team excursion: by bus to colleagues in the Czech Republic



KSI grows and grows and grows … And luckily the KSI manages to expand the office space right at their basis in Niederkrüchten. The sales department moves to a 400m² office right next to the existing office.



The new launched KSI Technologies from Birmingham (UK) Ltd. is lucky to catch a good start. Directly from the start there is a strong demand on the compressed air filters with condensate drains and on the alternative filter elements.

Great start on the island: the KSI subsidiary in Birmingham



The first issue oft the „Druckschrift“ is published. One of the most imprtant news from the very first „Druckschrift“: In the past seven years the KSI generated 26 new jobs.



From now on the KSI is certificated as a producer of medical equipment (DIN&nbspEN 13485). During the next two and a half years more than 80 hospitals are equiped with KSI products.



The management announces that the product range is completed. And is proved to be wrong, of course 😉



KSI builts up the first European expansion in Rymarov, in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. From here, the KSI opens up the markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Furthermore components of the KSI product range are pre-produced in Rymarov and then sent to the final assembly and testing to Germany.

KSI in Rymarov (Czech Republic)



The brand KSI stands for „quality without compromises“. That’s exactly what the certificate DIN EN 9001 says.



The rapid growth makes it necessary: KSI leaves home and moves to Niederkrüchten. In the quite small and quiet business park between Mönchengladbach and Roermond KSI builts up a modern, 1000m² logistics center , where more than 2,200 different products are kept in stock in order to meet the diverse customer requirements as quickly as possible.

Destination of the first move: Niederkrüchten



The KS-I – in the early days with a short hyphen “s” and “i” – sees the light of day in a garage in a residential area in Tönisvorst in the Lower Rhine region. At the start: production and distribution of alternative activated carbon filters for oil-water separators – also 20 years later a very important field of business.

Managing Director Holger Krebs filling activated carbon